Douglas Teoh

Software Engineer

I work as a Senior Software Engineer. I develop API services with Ruby and GraphQL. I also work on browser applications.

I do my work with the following tools:

I gave a talk "Saving lives with ReasonML" at ReasonConf 2019. You can watch it on YouTube and download the slides.

I wrote a journal paper about stroke prediction using electronic health records and machine learning.

I have a GitHub profile. My most popular project is a macOS app to prevent accidental Command-Q.

My GitHub Gists serves as the occasional mini-blog.

I used to sell a macOS invoicing app called "Injoice". After more than 6 years, I wound the business down.

I graduated from one of Australia's top universities with a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Software Engineering.

You can contact me by email at "douglas at dteoh dot com".